Rest and recuperation

All three of Francois and Nadia’s children are starting a new home school curriculum for their senior school phase. They now have the opportunity to go to a nearby school that uses this curriculum for the first term of the new school year. They just started at the school and are very excited to be in a class with other kids in a “real” school. They have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and forge new friendships, something they have a greater need for as they grow older.
They are staying with Nadia’s family on a small holding. The school is just down the road and Francois has the opportunity to “play” at homesteading for a bit! They plan to stay for the first school term until the end of March when they will, God willing, return to Mwinikaland.
Pray that their time in South Africa will be refreshing and restful and that their kids will enjoy school, make new friends and use all the opportunities only SA can give them. Pray too that both Francois (who is very run down) and Waldo will be completely restored physically.
Even though they are in SA, Francois still has some leadership responsibilities as SA now is part of the NTM field of South East Africa (along with Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique), and in reality they haven’t left the field at all!
Pray for wisdom and focus as there are many leadership decisions that must be made. One of these concerns is how to go about training South Africans to go out cross-culturally as missionaries. Pray for clear leading.
Also pray for good opportunities for Francois and Nadia to reconnect with supporters.
Part of their church plant strategy is to not only train and disciple church leaders towards seeing a mature church but also to give them the opportunity to function in that capacity. Francois and Nadia purposefully want to create opportunities in which they can function without having to be there with the church all the time. Therefore, although the Mwinika church is still very young and needs many more years of nurturing, they want to see how the churches in their area function without their “interference”.
Pray for the young Mwinika church and believers. Pray especially for the three groups in their area. Although Francois and Nadia’s co-workers Phil and Elin are in a village not far away, the believers will have to function much on their own. Pray for their faith to be strengthened and for their personal relationship with God to prosper. Pray that they will be faithful in going to the meetings and also faithful in living Christ in their day to day life.
Flooding in the Zambezi Province where Francois and Nadia live in Mozambique has caused minor damage at their house. The infrastructure suffered much damage, leaving the northern part of the country without electricity and two bridges connecting north and south Mozambique are down.
Their co-workers were without any mobile phone coverage for a few days and both bridges connecting them to the closest village were flooded. They are facing many challenges with lack of power (and therefore have lost days for Bible translation since the computers couldn’t run), a broken water pump and car problems. Pray for Phil, Elin and Elias that the Lord will provide in all their needs according to his glorious riches in Christ! Also pray for the work that continues, that it will be blessed and bear much fruit and for all the Mozambicans who have been affected by the flooding in Mozambique.

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