Respecting the Author

Kirk and Yolanda Rogers work among the Landuma people in Guinea, West Africa.

As a Bible translator Kirk’s goal is clear communication of the meaning of the original text; he seeks to convey that meaning as God inspired it, showing respect for the Author by preserving as much as possible the meaning, regardless of the changes in form required to achieve that goal. This always requires some degree of adjustment not only to the words, but also to the word, clause, and sentence order. The most important thing is communicating accurately the meaning in a clear and natural-sounding way. Continue to pray for the ongoing work of Bible translation and for the growth of the believers Kirk and Yolanda are shepherding.

Yolanda recently started teaching a new literacy class. She had fifteen students at first, but as always the number is dropping off, showing who really has enough interest in learning to read and write and to show up each school day (Monday-Thursday) and on time. School rules are based on respect and love for each other, and all agreed to them. However, living out those ideals for 90 minutes, four days a week, is tough for some. Pray for Yolanda, and for the believer who is helping her when needed, that they can guide these children toward good classroom behaviour and teach effectively. Even though all of them have some French schooling, most cannot even write their name let alone write legibly or read much French. PRAY they learn quickly. The goal is that the students develop good reading skills so they can read the Word of God!

Last week Kirk worked most days with the local Jesus believers on building a fence around the church’s community garden. Without the fence the cows, cane rats (sort of like a beaver but with a big rat’s tail) and other animals would destroy any gardening work. They are planting iron posts in concrete around the perimeter, and then they will put up the fencing. Lots of hard work under the hot season sun! Pray for continued safety as they work.

Two siblings, and believers from the village, have nearly completed their course in agriculture and ministry, and are planning to return home next month. They will be heading up the work at the church’s garden and utilising the good farming techniques they learned. They hope to share what they have learned, and take opportunities to share the Lord with them at the same time. Pray that they have a safe trip back home from Senegal and that they get a good start on their new work in the village.

Kirk and Yolanda will soon be returning to the USA for a few weeks for some special family events, so Yolanda can visit her ailing father, and also help care for their adult daughter, who was hospitalised and is recovering. Please pray for their daughter’s health to improve. Kirk will also be officiating at his niece’s wedding in March. They are looking forward to the wedding, and a good time visiting with family and friends, and they would appreciate your prayers for calm in Guinea preceding and following the elections, and for a safe trip to the USA and back.