Resolution needed

The last few weeks have been rather uneventful for Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa. Aaron recovered from his malaria and they were able to follow their routine schedules. Meaning, they are still working on comprehension checking and ironing out several Bible lessons. This seems to take them a lot longer than they expected. Nevertheless, they are trying to get as many lessons ready before the teaching starts in late January.

The meeting they were to have with the whole village about teaching them God’s Word, was postponed the last few weekends. Every weekend something else came up for the villagers, so that their host father decided to postpone it. Weekends are ideal for a meeting with the whole town, as most people take a break from work, and those who sleep on their farms during the week often are in town as well.

Please pray that God will give them the opportunity and the right words to speak to the village before Christmas.

In less than two weeks they will take their visitors back to the airstrip and they will catch a flight to Monrovia, and a couple days later fly from there to the USA. God has used them in many ways and they have been very helpful. Living in the village has its own challenges, and Aaron and Amy are thankful that their visitors let God use those difficult circumstances to draw them closer to Himself.

Last year there was a flare-up of a land dispute between the Glarro people and the neighbouring people group. Recently it has become quite serious again. Many villagers are afraid which is understandable as most of them have lived through and seen a civil war. Please pray for a peaceful resolution.

God is using different difficulties, discouragements, and circumstances to mold their character and help them get on track with resembling His image. As Aaron also describes, ‘In Biblical terms: prune us, so that we bear more fruit.”)

They thank God for:

– All the help and work that their visitors poured into the work among the Glarro people.

– Helping them find ambiguities and incomprehensible spots in the lessons that needed to be worked on.

Please pray that:

– They can find a good day to meet with the townspeople about the beginning of the teaching. (It seems to be an important meeting where people are likely to start deciding if they will attend the teachings or not.)

– That the dispute between a neighbouring people group and the Glarro will be solved peacefully.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people.