From the time years ago where Bart and Emily Allen started down this road of tribal church planting, songs that have been especially meaningful to them have been ones that reference Revelation 5 and 7 and speak of the multitude from every tribe, tongue, people and nation that will one day worship the Lamb of God around the throne.

Then when they moved into the Amdu tribe, singing those songs became more personal. They knew the names and faces of those still unreached Amdu people with whom they lived, and they longed for the day when we would know their language and be able to share the truth of God’s grace with them. They prayed that someday their Amdu friends would understand, believe and be included in that multitude referenced in the songs they were singing.

By God’s grace, there are now fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from the Amdu people group!  One more tribe that will be represented around the throne! Bart and Emily praise God that in these past years, it’s not just the Amdu people who have heard the Gospel and believed.  In the years since we moved into Amdu, at least eight other language groups in PNG have also heard the Good News and now also have followers of Jesus – and that’s just in PNG and only represents places where they have personal friends! God is working in the hearts of those who are hearing His Word through the ministry of His followers.  Rejoice and continue to pray for more labourers to minister to the MANY who remain unreached.

Bart and Emily’s summer has been full of readjusting to life on home assignment in America, spending time with family, and being involved in a summer missions emphasis at their home church.

In addition to planning visits to about half of their supporting churches, they are also staying connected to their ministries in PNG. As a home school consultant for their region, Emily remains in contact with the families and keeps on top of paperwork that needs to be turned in. Bart works each day on translation (currently drafting 1 Corinthians). There are also parts of the translation process that they will work on together.

From the time their family left Amdu in the middle of May until the end of August when their co-workers, the Hattons, returned from their time of home assignment, there were no missionaries present in the tribe and they had no communication with their Amdu friends.

Bart and Emily are very thankful to hear reports from the Hattons that the believers are doing well, happy to have missionaries back, and are excited to continue being taught God’s Word! There are also reports of them taking opportunities to travel to share their faith with extended family in farther away villages and in one case in another language group.


– They are thankful for the many special extended family events they have been involved with over the past months.  They are also enjoying the time all four of their boys are still together with them.

– The Lord has given them safety in traveling many miles already during their time in the USA and provided vehicles. They still have many miles to travel in the months to come as they visit churches.

– Another praise is that Emily is finding some relief from a chronic back issue that has been painful for several years. Please pray that it will be completely resolved by the time they return to PNG.

– They are continually grateful for how the Lord uses His Body to provide financially so they can minister in Amdu.

– It has been a joy and blessing to fellowship at their home church and be able to be involved again in the lives of friends and family. They miss that fellowship when they are in Amdu.