Renewed strength

Axel and Sandra Fachner are feeling stretched as they are overseeing the work in the Pal village.

They recently came back from a two week break on the coast with another couple who are co-workers at the Highlands Centre. They all regained strength and outlook as the Lord really blessed them in many ways. One good thing was that they could connect with some missionaries from other organisations which was refreshing.

God is bending them in many areas where they seem to have no natural bent or feel weak in. Pray that these months will be fruitful for their own souls as Axel and Sandra trust Him to accomplish what they cannot do.

At the moment Axel and Sandra’s co-workers are out of the village. The Claasens, went on a four-month home assignment and the Hostetter family are not back yet. But they are back in the country! This is a huge answer to prayer. Maggie Hostetter has seen many doctors in the last few months but it is still unclear what causes her muscle fatigue. Chris and Maggie have decided to try to come back to see if Maggie will manage life in the bush or not. She is very determined to give it a try again. Please pray for her as she will continue to homeschool their four children and help Chris with translation. If the Lord permits they will move back into Pal in July and remain living on the Highlands Centre in the meantime.

Axel and Sandra are thankful for wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ among the Pal people who are eager to learn and are an encouragement to them. Faithful men are teaching Phase 1 to the local church and community every Sunday. This is a huge learning curve! They are doing it all by themselves but Axel still does the oversight. Many outsiders have come, some from faraway places and stay overnight every Saturday.

The literacy school is in full swing doing its first outreach at a village three hour’s hike away. A pool of teachers take turns every week. Pray for their lives to shine the light of the Gospel while they are living among those who have not yet heard the Gospel. Phase 1 is planned in this village in 2019.

There is great need for a functional aid post. Many obstacles are laying in the way and if the doctor is not a local guy he will most likely not stick it out for long periods of time. Life in the bush is not every doctor’s favourite place to be. The next medical facility is about a two-day’s strenuous hike away. The missionary team is helping out with that. Right now Sandra does medical hours every Monday and Friday afternoon. She is training a friend who has shown great interest in learning about medical care. Praise God for her interest.

Every Wednesday afternoon people gather to review Sunday’s teaching. Right now it is still a very formal setting. Axel and Sandra desire to see this become a time of fellowship, prayer and mutual encouragement. Pray that the believers would desire to seek each other out during those times. It is tricky for them to talk openly with many unbelievers around.

Every Thursday the Phase 1 teachers get together to prepare for Sunday’s lessons. This meeting is exclusively for those men who have shown interest and growth in their faith as well as faithfulness in the tasks put before them. Pray that out of this pool of men God will equip some to be leaders/elders for the Pal church.

Pray for Axel as he oversees things and for Sandra as she is home schooling a frazzled six-year old who demands a lot of patience. Also pray for their four-year old who needs to play by herself during school hours. Also pray that their kids will enjoy playing more often with the local children.