Renewed hearts

Filip and Ane Sivertsen give thanks and praise to the Lord for all that He has given them. They want to continue to serve the Almighty where He wants them, and at this time that is Greenland.

Last year, 2023, Ane helped teach Sunday school together with another lady and a couple. Every Sunday they have tried to learn Ephesians 6:10-18 by heart and have now become very good at it. It began with a Sunday school weekend camp where they taught on “the full armour”. They have taught on the “belt of truth” and the “breastplate of righteousness”.

The Sunday school children are divided into two classes. Ane is going through the Bible chronologically with the older ones. They began in Genesis, teaching: what is the Bible, who is God, and about the creation. Now that they have finished Genesis, they will continue with Exodus.

On Sunday afternoons, Filip and Ane study the Bible with a local couple. Filip teaches, and Ane prepares the study material. They have had the great pleasure of teaching this couple for two years. Right now, they are refreshing everything that they have taught, right from the creation to the resurrection of Jesus. It has been a great joy for them to study with, and see how God speaks to them. Filip and Ane were invited to the couple’s wedding at the end of June. It was a huge encouragement for them to see and hear their boldness in sharing verses from the Bible that meant something to them, and that they told everyone how much they enjoyed the Bible study. Filip and Ane thank God for how He renews people´s hearts.

At the summer 2023 camps, they got help from many lovely people from the Faroe Islands. There were up to 70 people at each camp. It was only by God´s grace and help that the atmosphere and cooperation worked well and the Gospel was preached to the children and teenagers.

As something new this year, they moved one of the camps to Nuuk and had outreach for children and young people. Their focus being those who had just been on camp, and the purpose was to have some follow-up in Nuuk, while the memories from the summer camp were fresh in their minds. Quite a few attended and many of them brought their friends and some parents also participated on some days. It was a really good way to maintain the relationship from the summer camp.

Many of them also continued to come to Naalersitaq (Nuuk) club after the outreach. This continued through the summer, and it was a joy for Filip and Ane to be with the young people and share the Gospel with them. After schools started, however, the number began to decrease as other activities in the city started up. Just before Christmas, only the children from the church attended.

Their son, Kristian, is in his third year of high school and will graduate this summer. They enjoy having him home with them. In the autumn, Filip and Kristian went hunting together. A good “man´s activity” which also provides plenty of meat on the table for winter.

After being away for two years their daughter, Cecilia, was home all summer. Now she helps cook the meals for the students at North Cotes College. They are happy that Cecilia wants to serve the Lord where there is a need and where He leads her.