Relying on the Lord

Looking back, it wasn´t the most fun experience, but definitely a good one, because Michi learned to rely on the Lord to help her through the day after only three hours of sleep in the night without getting grumpy She was the only expat at this camp and she felt like a weird stranger who didn’t really fit in. But one thing made Michi really happy. While she was serving dinner, a girl came to her and said: “You are African now, you need a new name. “ She gave Michi an African name. It really made her day and the Lord used it to encourage Michi.
Michi’s French language study is going ok, even though she can´t see much growth in her language skills at this stage of CLA, but she enjoys it and is still encouraged. Michi had the opportunity to join a two weeks Bible school, organised by her church with teachers from Senegal and the Bible Institute in Geneva. The experience helped to increase her Biblical vocabulary and Michi found it such a joy to spend the whole of each day for two weeks just studying the Word of God!
Michi praises the Lord for His faithfulness in the past eighteen months. She may be finished with culture and language study in the next four to six months so pray for the Lord´s clear guidance for her new ministry. At the moment Michi has to find a new schedule and routine with a new language helper as her previous helper left to go to Canada to continue her studies.
Also pray that Michi would use her time wisely, for progress in language learning and that she spends enough time with the Lord.
Another important prayer request is that she would develop deeper relationships to unbelievers, especially the ladies working in a salon in her neighbourhood who she has just got to know.
Michi has had the opportunity to join the dedication of the New Testament in the Budik language.

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