Teaching among one of the people groups in West Africa is progressing slowly, but the missionary team trust that God continues His work in hearts even when formal teaching is not taking place. In April, one of the missionary families had a few weeks off school and opportunity to go to their home in Germany for a much-needed break.

Once they had returned to the village, it was not possible to resume the teaching right away. The people were busy getting ready for the start of the rainy season – preparing fields and fixing or replacing roofs. The men who help to prepare the Bible lessons were also rarely available to help.

One group was taught three lessons, starting with the death of Joshua, a quick look at the judges, King David, the new temple built by King Solomon, and the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel. There continues to be good attendance, the people are tracking well, and it is a joy for the missionaries to see their enthusiasm.

A village elder has been very receptive to the teaching and said, “I have heard many things, but I have never heard this before. May God bless you (the missionaries) and allow you to stay a long time to teach us. May we understand and may God open our minds. Every day I keep dreaming and thinking about what I have heard. May God save us.”

The second group was taught two lessons, starting with the judges and all the way up to king Solomon. There has been good attendance, especially of men and teenage boys. The group is less responsive than the other group, but they have been listening attentively and they seem to be following along. It is encouraging for the missionaries to see some of them men attending more regularly. One man is consistently showing interest in the teaching and asked for a memory card of the audio lessons.

Rejoice that God is at work in hearts and we pray that He will draw even more to Himself!

They had hoped to teach twice this week but the first rain arrived, which means everyone is scrambling to finish covering their huts and preparing their fields to plant.

In two weeks, the missionaries will again be away from the village for meetings etc. They will also likely have to travel to the capital to renew their visas. There will therefore be another break in the teaching, but it will coincide with the people’s busy planting time.

Specific prayer requests:

⁃ Pray that the language helpers will be available to help and that they can make progress in preparing the next Bible lessons.

⁃ Pray that the people will have a thirst for God’s Word and make attending the teaching a priority despite the busy planting-time that is just around the corner.

Regular prayer requests:

⁃ Pray that the people will desire to attend and listen and that nothing will prevent them.

⁃ Pray that the sessions would be free of disruptions and that people would be able to track well, and clearly understand God’s message.

⁃ Pray that God will work in hearts and draw people to Himself.

⁃ Pray for the missionary team.