Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people. They spent a wonderful time with their church and family in Tennessee, USA in December, celebrating the Saviour. The time flew by quickly and now they have moved on to Germany where they welcomed the start of 2023 with Aaron’s family. They have a few more visits planned in Germany before they fly back to Liberia this month.

Once back in Liberia, it looks like they will not be able to get back to their village until the end of January. Instead, they will spend a week or two with some of their missionary friends in town; Aaron will help a well drilling team to install a few wells in some remote places in Liberia until they can catch a flight back with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to their village. Nevertheless, Aaron and Amy are looking forward to getting back to Liberia and to continuing their work there.

Their co-workers left the village shortly before Christmas because their youngest son severely injured his left thumb. Mother and son ended up flying to the USA, and they are currently hoping to return to Liberia soon and join the rest of the family in Monrovia. They will then return to the village together.

Aaron and Amy thank God:

– For a restful month in Tennessee, USA, and for the refreshing time spent with family and fellow believers.

– For a safe trip to Germany and the opportunity to spend some time with Aaron’s family before they head back.

Please pray:

– That they continue to be being refreshed and prepared to return to the village.

– For their co-workers who as a family have had to spend the holidays apart. In addition, that their son’s thumb will continue to heal, and that he will be able to adjust well to it being shorter now.

Thank you for your prayers for the missionary team and the Glarro people.