Redeemed by His Precious Blood

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen who are currently at home in Canada, are thankful that the new group of believers in the area where they lived in Baguio, Philippines continue to keep in touch.

The believers recently sent a picture of them practicing to sing a hymn in a sister church. It was amazing for Ragnar and Elizabeth to see the lovely people who only had blank stares around this time last year, when they started to study in Genesis, now singing hymns of praise to the King. They would have loved to hear them!

The believers in Nayba have been busy this past month building a church kitchen/Sunday schoolroom in the yard of Ragnar and Elizabeth’s house in Nayba. The church family are great at joining together to see projects like this to completion. Although they seem to feel free to use Ragnar and Elizabeth’s kitchen when they all gather in the living room for Sunday school classes they also seemed excited to have this extra room.

What a fantastic answer to prayer!