Receptive hearts

Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst are grateful that the classes at the Missionary Training Centre in Camdenton, USA, can go ahead normally as people feel safe to do so. They thank the Lord for this answer to prayer because some of their classes have to be in person with the face visible, for example phonetics!

Rosemarie recently had two cysts removed from her finger, which seem to be healing nicely. They have been enjoying having some of the students and newer staff over for meals at the weekend; it has been encouraging for them to get to know each other better.

Another problem has arisen in their home. They need to take up the floor in the bathroom and redo it completely, please pray this will go well and quickly.

Robert and Rosemarie are thankful for your prayers for the staffing situation, a few more personnel are headed their way, even if just temporarily. Please pray for more teaching staff.

Rosemarie co-ordinates the ‘Hold the Ropes’ programme, gathering information from the mission field for prayer. Around the world there are many countries still locked down with the virus, which has again escalated in South America. Many missionaries would love to get back to their field of service. However, translation is still going ahead with many consultant checks online; for them technology is a wonderful tool. A huge crowd of people are hearing the teaching for the first time in Southern Asia and a smaller group in Northern Asia. Please pray for them as they hear the Word of God for the very first time in their own language that they will have receptive hearts. Also, pray for health and strength for the missionary families.

God continues to build His church, strengthen, and grow it to the glory of His name.