Real heroes

During their time of home assignment in South Africa, Lourens and Marie Laureti have had some good opportunities to think about their lives in Papua New Guinea. At times missionaries long to be back in their home countries, but in reality returning ‘home’ doesn’t always turn out the way they dreamt.
Home assignment or partnership development is not just about being back with family and friends but also about looking for partners to assist them in completing the work. It is not a holiday. For Lourens and Marie it has been their hardest year of ministry, even much harder than in Papua New Guinea. It is not a time of rest and reflection; it is not a Sabbatical year during which they just lie around and meditate restfully upon God’s Word while being encouraged and strengthened for their next term back in the bush. They have faced many difficulties, some relating to adjusting to a culture with which they are no longer so familiar. Practical issues of housing, travel, school and regularly taking meetings can at times be overwhelming.
The bright side of things is that they are getting the chance to see those who have been carrying the burden of the Mengen work through prayer and finances. They praise the Lord for their supporters in South Africa, some of whom are bending over backwards during this negative economic climate and terrible Rand/Dollar exchange rate to keep the Laureti family going.

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