Ready to go

After the years of preparation, Maarten and Mirjam can say that they’re ready to go. They are really grateful that the Lord took care of them during their time in the Netherlands. He provided wonderfully for them as a family.
With regard to the future, there are some changes. Their original plan was to do NCLA (National Culture and Language Acquisition) in the capital city. This would have meant that they would live there for about two years. But the leadership offered to let them do their NCLA in a smaller city in the North East of the country. It means that they’ll be much closer to their “future” co-workers and it will save them an eight hour drive when they meet with one another. It also makes it easier for their co-workers to help Maarten and Mirjam during their NCLA time, as well as giving greater opportunities to get to know each other better.
Maarten and Mirjam are encouraged to see and experience that the Lord provides. He did it when they came back in the Netherlands, and He will also provide in Cambodia. A missionary couple on home assignment offered them their house and car. So for the first 5 months they already have a place to stay and can then find something of their own.
Looking back at their time in the Netherlands, Maarten and Mirjam have thankful hearts. Reconnecting with their church was precious and a challenge to the church too. Having the opportunity to speak in different churches and meetings was also special, challenging people for missions. It is Maarten and Mirjam’s prayer that Christians will use their time on earth in His service!
Maarten and Mirjam’s commissioning service is this Sunday 22-03-15 in their home town.
Pray for the final preparations, the commissioning service, safe travels and for Maarten and Mirjam and their children in the whole process of moving and settling.
Also pray for Jon and Christen and family (co-workers) as they’re recovering from a major car accident.

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