Ready or not!

Simon, Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan, praise God that they have started the journey back to the Mengen in Papua New Guinea!

Praise God that their visas, tickets and passports all arrived on time, just four days before their USA visitors visas expired!

They are thankful to the Lord for good health so far – they do not take it for granted.

Pray for peace for Annika and Nya as they do not travel well and do not like flying. They had a long haul of 16 hours to Hong Kong. Pray for them to rest in Hong Kong before their next flight of six and a half hours to PNG and then their last connecting flight to their final destination.

Pray for all their baggage to arrive! They have the kid’s home school curriculum checked in with them. Continue to pray for a home school helper to work with them on location.

Pray for them to settle well and make the most of their time in the first weeks.

Pray for the miracle of patience and fun as they travel together.

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel through prayer.