Ready for Typesetting

Proofing and checking the text for the Simbari New Testament and Old Testament portions is complete; David and Shari Ogg are thankful to those who prayed. Since completing the consultant checking on the translation in Feb. 2020 they have been working full time on a slow proofread checking process of all 10,000 verses in preparation for printing. They made 5,000 notes during the proofreading, then spent months on the phone to Papua New Guinea going over them with David’s translation helper. They were able to work through the notes dismissing some that did not require any change and for others making any small adjustments that were necessary to the text. This last week they completed that process and wrote to the mission’s publication team to let them know that they are ready to start the typesetting process with them. They are already working on two other translations but as they have time they will begin work on the Simbari translation. David and Shari still have things to do but instead of it being text-related, it will be mostly format-related work now.