Ready but waiting

Simon, Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan are currently in the USA enroute to Papua New Guinea.

They praise God for good times with their American family. A supporting church graciously provided a house for them during this time of preparation.

They have been able to purchase home-schooling material for Karis, Noah and Nya and have made it through the third week of home-schooling.

Pray for a home-school helper; to help Simon and Annika with home-schooling the kids for six months to a year. This will free Annika up to help in the work of church planting and discipleship.

They are thankful to the Lord that they have received their work permit approval for PNG and their visa applications have been submitted now for a while.

Pray for their visas to come through in good time and for them to find good plane tickets to PNG. They cannot buy plane tickets until their visas are granted. Their current visas run out on the 24th December so they also need to leave the country by then. They hope to leave for PNG by later this month or early December.

Praise God for good health so far – they don’t take it for granted. Pray for adequate and reasonably priced medical coverage for them. As a large family it is not always easy finding the right cover with changing medical conditions for missionaries in the UK.

Pray for Simon as he takes meetings etc., and for the spiritual focus that they all need to hold onto by faith.. As they look to tomorrow and further to PNG there are many things to fall into place and many unknowns. Pray for peace and provision. Pray that they will give these things to God, remember His faithfulness and find happiness in any small sacrifices to be made for the cause of Christ. The effectiveness of what they preach and what they teach is greatly impacted in the life of the hearer by how they live. Pray that they will live worthy of the Gospel.

Continue to pray for the three Mengen churches. Pray particularly for the Bible teachers and their families, for protection, provision, faith and good family relationships.

Thanks so much for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel.