Ready and waiting

Steve and Gerdine Stanley are sad to say that there has been zero progress on their entry permit for PNG since last month, so they are still unable to leave for Papua New Guinea. Time is running out in the Netherlands, as Steve is restricted to 90 days. Instead, they need to plan a return to the UK.

An extra international journey is not ideal and they do not know if they will be staying days, weeks or months.

They have enjoyed several opportunities to share about the Kovol work in churches. Steve has even managed to do presentations in Dutch. The positive response has been very encouraging.

Right now, their co-workers are having a rough time with all the medical emergencies among the Kovol people. Natalie has not had any language time for a week or two as everyday sick people visit, some with very serious illness. Pray for continued wisdom in how to help each case.

Praise God for the support that makes it possible for Steve and Gerdine to be church planters in Kovol. They whole-heartedly desire to find a way to bless the Kovol people by sharing without creating jealousy and dependence. It is so easy no matter how well intentioned to do more harm than good.

Pray for:

Gerdine’s entry permit

A wise, sustainable way to bless the Kovol people materially

Wisdom to take care that their time and focus does not drift from their goals