Reading the New Testament

Jim and Judy have enjoyed seeing all their believing and nonbelieving Dom friends again. These last few months have been hard for the people because of the drought which has caused a severe shortage of garden food. However, the good news is that rain has come at last. They see their Dom neighbours’ all around them working in their gardens getting ready to replant sweet potatoes. The challenge now is to find enough sweet potato vines to replant. During the drought there was a freak frost that killed all the vines. So they have to come up with enough vines to replant.
The rain, though a blessing, is also a challenge for Jim and Judy. The mountain road was already in poor condition. Daily heavy rains will only make it worse to the point of it being impassable. Please pray for them in this matter. Also their truck is parked until they can get it fixed.

Jim and Judy are thrilled to see believers reading their new Dom New Testaments! They have also been asked by others for copies. One of their main goals is to promote the Dom New Testament as far and wide as they can; introducing Dom people of other clans and villages to the joy of reading God’s Word in their own language.
Jim and Judy would like to start a literacy class for new students in the next couple of weeks and also do a short class for readers who need help or just have a couple evenings a week where they visit their house (as Jim and Judy have lights) and help them in their reading. Many of them can read but do not practice enough. Jim and Judy would appreciate prayer about these classes and the logistics of them.
Jim and Judy’s house is finally clean and straight. Jim’s office that adjoins the house was infested with rats which made a big mess. It took several days to clean it up. They still have some more barrels and crates to unpack too but will do that bit by bit.
Jim is already working away at revising the Bible teaching lessons. They had made some significant changes to how words are spelt in Dom before the New Testament was printed. Now the Bible lesson materials need to be revised accordingly. There are hundreds of pages to read through and revise so it will take some time. The other day two Dom Christian men from the church at Jim and Judy’s old location came asking for lessons for 1 and 2 Thessalonians. That’s when they realised that Jim had not finished writing them because he had been so busy with the Dom New Testament. However now that the Dom New Testament is printed Jim can concentrate on finishing all the Bible lessons.

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