Reaching out

‘Phase One’ lessons are for the unsaved and begin in Genesis. Jack and Isa also ask for prayer for those that are hearing this teaching for the first time.

Pray for the Pawaian believers who are working for an oil company. They work seven days a week and have so little time to get together for fellowship. For some the influence of the outside world has become a distraction and has caused those that have been faithful to struggle.

One of the Pawaian elders, a godly man and an excellent teacher of the Word, had to fly out to the Highlands and went to Goroka with his daughter who has been sick for several weeks now. She is 22 years old and she is having severe headaches and other sickness and the doctors can’t seem to find anything wrong with her. He believes that she won’t live much longer and has asked for prayer. He wants to fly her back to the village while she is still living. Please pray for this man and his young daughter who is a believer. It is heart breaking for the family. They are very limited regarding any financial help they can get when they have to fly out to the hospital.

Jack and Isa are thankful for continued good health. Jack was asked to go to Romania to do some Bible teaching. He found this to be a very interesting and challenging visit. The people had very few of this world’s goods but their enthusiasm for God’s Word was very obvious. Their enthusiasm was also reflected in their singing. They were very hospitable and shared their homes and food very readily. Sunday morning service began at nine o’clock and ended at noon. The evening service was not quite as long but was followed by three house visits where they sang their hearts out and enjoyed even more food and drink. It was such a blessing for Jack and Isa to be involved in this kind of fellowship. They pray that the things shared will bear the fruit God intended.

They are still praying about a visit to the Pawaia. It will all depend on their health and being able to make the necessary travel arrangements. Insurance has become more difficult to get as they have grown older. Thank you for praying about this

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