On Sunday, November 1st, David, Christine and Abby headed to the mountains! They went to a Tarahumara village to help out NTM missionaries, Tony and Lauren Finch. Another missionary, Rich Agnew, joined them and was in charge of painting the new annex of the existing church. They all had a great time together.
In October last year David and some other missionaries went out to help with the construction of this new building. It provides a great place for the children’s ministry and some housing for the people who walk several hours to come to church. Christine and Abby helped with the painting prep, taping and covering the bars with plastic so Rich could use sprayer to paint the building.
David was kept very busy with some welding projects. He modified a roof rack for the church van so more cargo can be taken as they visit other villages. He also made a running board/step for the church van so it will be easier for people to get in and out. Tarahumara people are not overly tall!
Abby helped Lauren quite a bit in the kitchen.
Praise the Lord for the safe trip (more than five hours each way, over 8000 feet elevation) and the great time they had with the Finches.
David and Christine would appreciate your prayers as they head into the last six week stretch before the Christmas break. They have the usual school prep to do and the girls are busy with their school work, too. Lord willing they will be with Christine’s family in California over Christmas. They would appreciate your prayers for that trip as well.

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