During the first two weeks of May, they enjoyed their first family holiday in Southeast Asia. Just like for that first rain, they longed for time to talk and not having to study language in the evenings. They thank God for those ten days!

Now they are back as lively as ever and are studying, reading and writing. Steve has almost finished the course, and is already able to read whole paragraphs. But the language is full of pitfalls. For example teacher is written “อาจารย์” but only the first four letters are pronounced as they are written. The fifth changes from an “R to an N” and the sixth is not even pronounced. Such “exceptions” are not rare. Steve and Sandra thought German was a difficult language! No wonder there are 100 pages in their course book and that some national people study for about six school years before they are fluent in reading and writing their own language.

However, Steve and Sandra enjoy learning this language and they thank God for that. Although they continually need motivation and success and that is where they really appreciate your prayers.

They are very happy to have found an additional language teacher. The pastor of their local church and his wife have agreed to help them with language learning. In return Steve is teaching them German, because their daughter lives in Switzerland. That also gives Steve and Sandra the opportunity to deepen the relationship.

In the near future Steve and Sandra would like to visit another work to find out more about where God wants to have them in the future.

Please pray that they will know God’s guidance, for good conversations and wisdom. Thank you so much for being on this journey with them!

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