Rain, translation and baptisms

André and Aurélie Tousch thank you for your prayers for rain! In the last weeks, they were just receiving enough rain to keep having some water in the tank, but this week, it really poured and their tank is finally full and overflowing. They now have enough water to keep going without having to use the well until their break later this month. This makes everyday life easier and less tiring!

Recently a consultant visited for a week. With the help of five of the local people they were able to check over 1,200 verses! That brings them to having 29% of the New Testament checked! This was very encouraging for them and for the local church. They have finished the Gospel of Mark, the book of Jonah and have made good progress in Luke and Acts.

The team hopes that early next year another consultant (or perhaps two) will be available to check other portions, including several epistles, and finish the book of Acts. After that, they plan to print a new version of the Bible, which will include all of these new passages.

Several baptism meetings have taken place 23; baptisms in one village and 17 in another. André and Aurélie were very happy to see more believers publicly declare their faith in Jesus. For the meeting in the first village, believers organised the meeting themselves. What a joy to see them stand, teach and expose the Word clearly! Some stand out by their clear understanding and solid teaching.

Please continue to pray for one believer in particular, he works a lot with the team. He is a great teacher, he works with them on translation and helps their colleague Seth Callahan in language learning. He is also one of the best teachers in the literacy programme … he is good at everything! He is a key element in the church and this does not please the enemy. Pray that God will help him and his wife to continue to grow and be strong.