Radio ministry

Dubby was so pleased to see first-hand what God is doing!

A keen Saafi believer has been teaching Saafi Scriptures on the radio in the Saafi language. Whilst Dubby was in Senegal, he was able to watch him live, teaching on the life of Joseph.

PRAISE THE LORD! The Scriptures with teaching are going out on the radio every Saturday afternoon for an hour. Broadcasts are repeated on Tuesdays. It appears that quite a lot of people are listening.

This is the first time that 99% of Saafis have heard any Bible teaching.
It seems that there is very little opposition at this stage.

Now that there is an established audience, teaching will restart from Genesis all over again, so that the foundational teachings of God’s Word are well established.

Another Senegalese believer teaches the Scriptures in his own Sereer-Sine language at another local radio station every Sunday morning. This is a strategic ministry with many listening. He has taught through parts of the Old Testament, Matthew and John. Now he will restart at Genesis again to lay solid foundations for all listeners.

Praise the Lord for consistent Bible teaching going out in two languages where the vast majority are almost totally ignorant.

This is very much a SOWING ministry with little obvious fruit so far. May God give wisdom in the presentations and give growth to the seeds of truth sown.

Pray for these dedicated teachers who long to share God’s Word, that the Holy Spirit would inspire them and that many will continue to tune in, and be touched by God’s Word. Also, pray that the teachers would have wisdom to know how to follow up any who express interest.

On a very practical note, pray for the radio stations to continue to be well maintained so that they can continue to broadcast. Pray that the weather conditions will be good so that the broadcasts can be heard from great distances.

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