One Loron Bible teacher recently asked about Hebrews chapter seven and the meaning of ‘after the order of Melchisedec’! And, ‘who was Melchisedec, anyhow’?

Paul and Marina praise the Lord for two recent training courses attended by a couple of the Loron Bible translators.

Pray for the team as they prepare for a final check on the Gospel of John in January.

Praise the Lord for the interest among quite a number of young adults in learning how to read and write in their language. Pray for Marina as she teaches and supervises literacy classes and teachers in several different villages.

A special Bible training course took place in October for almost a dozen Loron church leaders and Bible teachers and was conducted by three NTM missionaries who came from Senegal. It helped the leaders to see that they are part of something big that God is doing all across West Africa and around the world, i.e. building His church.

Pray that Paul and Marina will be a help and encouragement to the believers as they visit Loron churches in the region.

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