Quality time

For Jack Foster, serving among the Nukak people of Colombia, life has been very very hot. It is dry season and has been hotter than the usual hot. The Indians come more often to his house just to get something to drink!

Pray for a young man who when he was around two years old he was hit by a tree that fell wrong when his dad cut it down. The blow nearly killed him. He was hospitalised for a long time and his voice was not quite right for several years. God spared his life! Now he is in his early twenties. He has never married and does not have the best reputation. In spite of Jack’s limitations with the language, he has good conversations with this man. Please pray that God will use Jack in his life as they spend time together, and that when he hears God’s Good News for him that he will trust in Christ.

Also pray for a young man who has a gentle spirit, he has had a hard life and has many reasons to be bitter, but is not. He always has a smile on his face and is very upbeat and caring. Jack rarely sees him, as his family rarely visits the area. However, he is there now because his sister is in the hospital with malaria. He cannot stay at the hospital. He visits Jack at least once a day to get a drink and something to eat. Please pray for him, too.

Please praise the LORD with Jack:

  • for quality time with different ones of the Nukak people
  • for continued good health and safety
  • for his mother’s continued good health and well being

Please pray with him:

  • for the Nukak youth in general
  • for continued good health and safety
  • for his mother’s continued good health
  • for the team as they continue to work among the Nukak

Your prayers are an encouragement to Jack.