Purposeful Planting

Levi and Robyn Lenz serve among the North Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea. In July, they asked for prayer for a man and his wife as Levi was taking them through the Creation to Christ Bible lessons. The man had heard parts of the teaching before, but kept missing key lessons and was not able to put the pieces of the Gospel together to see how it applied to him. God has now removed the veil from his eyes and he now understands the message of the Gospel and proclaims that he is trusting in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus on his behalf for salvation. He states, “For 19 years I used God’s name and thought I was doing his work, but it was all for my own gain. I realise that was all a waste and is not what will get me to heaven.” Please continue to pray, as this new brother in Christ is hungry for more teaching. Pray for his wife who would like to believe and put her faith in Christ, but on the other hand, she knows this will result in ridicule from family and friends.

In the past, as a team, they have done many large and small group Bible “courses”, and the results have been as Christ described in Mark 4 – the parable of the sower. Recently, due to their limited time and resources, they have been discussing being more intentional with where they sow the seed of the Word.

Levi’s friend – previously a language helper, has never really been interested in making the time to listen to the teaching. Now seems to be the right time! Levi shared with him that his efforts in helping him to learn their language was not without a purpose. The purpose was to be able to share God’s Word with them; but many others are reaping the benefits of his hard work while he has nothing to show for it. He said he wants to hear the Bible teaching and they settled on Monday and Wednesday evenings at his house. Please pray for him that the soil of his heart will be ready to receive the seed of the Gospel and that God’s Word will impact him and his family in unimaginable ways. His wife, who is young in the faith, has been growing in her walk with the Lord and she has been devouring the teaching.

Thank you for standing with them in this ministry.