Pumpkins and peanuts

They’ve had a lot of school-activities going on in the past month. It was interesting for Fernando and Tabitha to see the student’s displays at the Famous People Project, and be challenged by what great people have discovered and accomplished. They also had fun seeing the creativity of students and their families at the talent evening and later in the Easter play. Tabitha particularly enjoyed decorating for a high-tea the school organised for all the girls and their mum’s. Fernando is involved in organising a father-son event. There are several other activities still planned before the school year is due to end (on the 6th of August).
Please pray for continued energy, wisdom and creativity as they teach the students.
Fernando and Tabitha have been abundantly blessed with pumpkins and peanuts recently. It is harvest time and it has been a moving experience for them to have their friends that share so generously from the little they have. One lady who has been sharing her harvest of pumpkins, peanuts, yams and corn with them is now working for them once a week to help Tabitha out with the laundry. Recently, as Tabitha and the lady were watching and waiting for a snake which had crawled into the car to get out (a long story…), they got into a conversation about spiritual matters. She accepted the offer to start Bible study with Tabitha and has been an eager student. Please pray for the salvation of this lady and that, despite the language and culture barriers, she would understand the Gospel message clearly.
Fernando and Tabitha continue to experience God’s goodness in so many ways. For quite a while they’ve been asking God when would be the right time to go on home-assignment. Just recently someone they know from Holland has volunteered to substitute for them for the first half of 2015. This has opened up the door for Fernando and Tabitha to go on home-assignment. They look forward to spending about three months, both in Holland and in Brazil, at the beginning of next year. Though it is still quite some time away, please pray that God would work out all the details and logistics.

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