Promoting missions

They have seen so many friends and are enjoying their time with their bigger family. Two thirds of the time has now passed and they are starting to prepare for their trip back to PNG. They are excited that their tickets are booked now. They’ll leave Germany mid-July.

Naomi and Rebekka have adjusted better to the German culture of teenagers. They did have some times where things were not so easy as frequently they were confronted with the fact that they did not grow up in Germany and are foreigners in a way. It took a while for them to find their places amongst their friends and to accept that things are and work differently. Even though this was often a struggle for them as a family, yet they are thankful for the growing times and the experience of seeing God being faithfully by their side step by step each day.


Ralf and Elli are being given many different opportunities to speak  and share about the Dinangat work and to promote “Missions“ as there are still so many needs out on the mission field. Many people have shown interest in what God is doing in Dinangat and want to hear the Schlegel’s story. Pray that many will be challenged to go themselves and help in the great need for the Gospel to reach the world.


At the end of last year the missionary team decided that it would be good for the Dinangat church to be on their own for a period of time to allow time for their own spiritual growth and to become more and more independent. Therefore the Markleys and the Smiths moved to the NTM Missions Centre in January. The reports from the Dinangat Bible teachers are very encouraging. The church is still meeting regularly and the Bible teachers are also meeting regularly to discuss church related issues and to pray together.

Ralf and Elli’s co-worker Jeremiah has just finished the Dinangat translation of the book of Mark and had it checked by consultants. They thank and praise God that it went really well.

Some very good news is that a small neighbouring village also expressed their desire to hear the story of God and to learn it like the others learnt it years ago. They asked the Bible teachers to come and teach them so that they too would understand. Ralf and Elli are so thrilled about this and are praising God! They are still praying for the main village which due to its leaders is still not open to hear God’s story! Please continue to pray with them in this!

Ralf and Elli are so thankful for what God is doing in their lives these days too. A couple of weeks ago God opened the door for them to go to Switzerland. There they enjoyed a very white and fun vacation in the snow. The girls especially loved playing in the snow and they all treasured this special time together as a family.

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