The main Loron Bible translator, continues to work on doing a thorough check on various epistles that the translation team worked on last year. He is a serious student of the Word and likes consistency and accuracy, and is a good checker. The translation revision team is currently working on checking content, comprehension and naturalness of John’s Gospel with groups of young people, ladies and older folks.

Paul and Marina visited a number of the Loron churches. Most of them are doing well, but there have been some challenges and disappointments with individual believers who have fallen into sin. One man took another wife (which is quite acceptable within Loron culture) and as a result has left the church. A number of groups of believers asked for sets of the foundational Bible lessons, so they were very busy printing materials for them. They used almost 2,500 pages printing new lessons and more Bible portions.

A Loron Christian worker is working in various ministries among the Loron people: evangelism in two new villages; literacy teaching and coordination; visitation, and teaching in different churches. He also works in his fields a couple of days a week to provide food for his family.

Marina was encouraged by a teenager who finished the literacy course, and also with others who made good progress while they were there. One young boy called Ernest lived up to his name by turning up every morning at 7am to get his literacy lesson from Marina. A brother and sister who completed the literacy course about a year or so ago are now teaching a group of about twenty children in their home village. Marina also started a new class in a location about a 30-minute drive from their village. Six young adults there, who never had the opportunity to go to school, are learning how to read and write. Two Loron men will continue teaching them while Paul and Marina are gone.

The Friends in Action (FIA) well drillers are still planning to go to Paul and Marina’s village in May. People are really struggling for water, but the animals are suffering the most. The goats usually annoy Paul with their constant bleating, and he would normally chase them when they wander near his office, but he found himself putting water out for them to drink. It hasn’t rained since early October last year, and trees and bushes are not even sprouting leaves like they usually do because of the lack of rain. Please be praying that everything will work out for the well drillers to dig the much needed well. Paul plans to return to Ivory Coast for a couple of weeks to help with the well project.

Paul and Marina plan to spend several months with their parents, and the rest of the family in Northern Ireland, but they are trusting the Lord to be able to go back to Ivory Coast for another extended visit later in the year.

They have bought a wooden office building which they plan to put at the side of their house so that they can continue to work on Bible translation, Bible lessons, literacy materials and printing.

Paul and Marina thank you for your interest in the work among the Loron people. They really appreciate your prayers.

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