The last couple of months have been hectic for Geoff and Shannon Husa.

In early September, Geoff was able to spend a couple of weeks back in Mibu to work on the translation of Revelation with his translation helper and a few others. His time in Mibu was wonderful. He loved seeing how the Revelation translation was communicating to those he tested it with for comprehension! He missed having his family there with him. Shannon and the kids remained out in town as it was during the school term.

Last week in Mibu, one of the church development consultants paid a visit to talk with the church leaders about an outreach to the neighbouring area. NTM has been looking for a couple of families to allocate there to initiate a church planting ministry in partnership with the Mibu church.

The elders of Mibu had the chance to record a message to another church on a phone. It was a joy for Geoff to see them passing on little nuggets of encouragement and wisdom to a younger church.

Now back in town with his family, Geoff has been in an all-out battle to keep the momentum going forward with Revelation, and is now ready to work with his translation helper again on the next couple of chapters. To that end, his helper is planning to fly to the town where Geoff lives and spend twelve or so days with them whilst they work together. As a family, they are really looking forward to hosting him.

The kids had a two-week school break after their very first term. It was a much-needed breather before jumping full into their next term (they were previously home schooled).They are doing better and there has been some improvement in their schooling abilities. However, Geoff and Shannon continue to plod on, helping them to learn good study habits, and keeping track of assignments, and actually turning them in!

Thank you for praying the Husa family and the Mibu Ministry! They hope that you are equally blessed to be a part of this ministry with them!