Profitable time

Missionary Phil Henderson and his team worked on translating portions of the life of Elijah (portions from 1 and 2 Kings), Job (several chapters in Job), David (portions from I and 2 Samuel) and most recently the life of Hosea (portions of the book of Hosea).
Phil along with co-worker Francois Hattingh, and a team of believers are working to prepare for upcoming: Ephesians (teaching teachers) and also developing the lessons for new material on the ‘Life of David’.
Two groups started literacy in late July. One group, being taught by a local teacher, is almost ready to graduate! The team are so excited to see eleven new readers. The group that Elin (Phil’s wife) works with, consisting of eight illiterate women, is moving much more slowly. But, she is amazed to see these ladies, many who really struggle, so determined to not give up and now seeing the fruit of that labour as they are able to read full pages in their primers! Nadia Hattingh, has been painstakingly redoing some of the primers to make them a little more user friendly. They are excited to benefit from this work!

Five groups continue to meet for teaching; each group is at different places in the book of Ephesians and enjoying it. Nadia is teaching a group of women and two kids groups each week where they live.
Teaching and translating are taking place in the context of discipleship. But, they are always thankful for the one to one time they get with folks as they are out and about with them in the village. That is where discipleship really takes place!
The Henderson’s have begun another round of travel. Phil has a series of meetings all around the world in December and January but most significantly in Florida during the month of December. Elin will be participating in some of those meetings as well as a discourse workshop. She will also be spending time at home helping her mother whose health has been getting more precarious.
The Hattinghs, will continue working with the believers. The missionaries are thankful that the believers are growing and taking more ownership of the ministry. There is a lot of work to keep up with but these months coming up are the hottest of the year!
Pray for the believers, that they will stand strong and continue to grow.

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