Producing fruit

As Biblical church discipline has become more and more of a normal practice for the church in Mibu they have developed beautiful, indigenous forms for celebrating the bringing back in of a brother or sister into the church! Geoff and Shannon have seen this happen twice in the last month and a half!

Geoff says “The church expresses their excitement by bringing their newly welcomed brother to the door of their place of meeting, offering a prayer of gratitude for them, adorning them with flowers, and bringing them in with a musical procession, dropping flower petals before them, and sitting them in amongst their brothers and sisters. Nobody is looking down on the person. Everyone is aware of their need for Christ and just thankful that one of their brethren is seeing their need too! Some of the leaders then share about the significance of the event! It is a wonderful, and genuine outworking of an appreciation of who we are as God’s people! It’s also one aspect of church life that reflects the kind of maturity that gives us confidence in their ability to stand on their own when we’re gone someday!”

Thank you for praying for Geoff and Shannon and the ministry among the Mibu. Things like this are evidence that your prayers and are indeed producing fruit! Geoff and Shannon could not be doing what they are doing without your help!

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