September felt like the start of something very new for Liam and Ellen Cox with Cora and Florence.

They are beginning to adjust to a permanent life at North Cotes and finding out to what God wants them to give their time and attention, settling into new roles and getting used to new faces and new routines. They are slowly establishing a balance with work and family life.

Last year felt like survival mode to them as a family. This year they seem to have finally paused. There is suddenly time to process everything that they went through over the last twelve months. It is coming up to one year since Liam was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, and their plans changed seemingly in an instant. It is also almost six months since Ellen’s Mom passed away, and there is suddenly somehow more time to grieve now than there was in the flurry after she died. Pray for them to have wisdom in how to rest and replenish, renew their strength and allow the Lord to walk them through these times.

Liam is now full time on the Biblical studies teaching team. He has an office in the main classroom building and he is currently preparing to start teaching his first class at the end of November. They are so grateful that he has had so much time to prepare and not been plunged into this too quickly.

He will be starting with teaching ‘The Life of Christ’ module, covering all four Gospels. Not a small challenge, but one he is really enjoying.

Ellen continues in the nursery as administrator. They are so thankful that the Lord provided a wonderful team yet again. Ellen recently passed her driving test! It is such a huge blessing that she can now take a lot of the burden off Liam with school runs, shopping etc.

Cora has gone into year two and is continuing to love school. Florrie has started in reception, and because it is a tiny school, is in the same class as her big sister – something that makes their mummy’s heart very happy!

They are also thankful for their lovely church in Grimsby. Liam and Ellen run the junior church there each week, and are privileged to build up relationships with the children and teach them the Word of God. This is definitely something they know the Lord wants them to continue to give time and energy to, and it is a blessing to them as well!

Give thanks for:

– A smooth start to school for Florrie

– Liam’s medication seems to be helping a little and he is not in so much pain

– The Lord’s provision for the needs of the college

Pray for:

– All of them to process everything, and for some more emotional stability.

– Liam’s preparation for teaching – that it will all be of the Lord

– Wisdom as they seek to go into a time of slowing down a little. That they will do what they need to do and not more. That they will rest well, and rest in Him and renew their strength.

– Some good family time to encourage one another and build their relationships.

Liam, Ellen and family appreciate your prayers.