Poul and Carol Joensen are enjoying being a part of the team at NTM-UK in North Cotes, and feel privileged to see students being grounded in the Word and desiring to serve the Lord with their lives. The students are in their final term of the school year and there is always a lot going on….

Poul has just finished teaching 2 Peter to the Bible students. In May, he taught Philippians. The Bible college teachers are teaching via Zoom, as the non-UK Bible students had to return to their home countries, as they were only able to study in person at North Cotes College for six months. Praise the Lord, from September all courses should be able to be completed on site.

At the start of this month, the six-week Mission Simulation course began. The missions course students apply their training by learning a foreign language and culture and practicing essential teamwork, while also living in tents with basic conveniences. Poul is teaching a group of students the Sorimi language for ten hours a week and Carol helps him; which includes some cultural dramas for them to evaluate. Carol will meet more often with the three ladies in her tutor group.

The graduation service for students from all the courses will be on 19th July. Please pray for the students as they consider their future plans.

After two years without hosting a conference on campus it is exciting that the ‘Make A Difference’ conference will be held in person once again. Carol is part of the conference committee and there have been many ongoing preparations. Pray it will be a challenging and encouraging time for everyone.

Poul and Carol’s son, Jonathan, values prayer as he makes the final preparations for his two-month mission trip to Kenya with AIM.

Poul also continues to work on translation of the Sorimi people of Papua New Guinea’s New Testament. He is currently working on a back to English check to make sure the details are correct for Matthew, 2 Corinthians and 1 John – one of the last steps towards the final check of these three books. He is also translating the initial rough draft on the last few portions of Romans, and 1 Corinthians. Though there are a number of steps before this is ready to check, they are excited that these portions are the last of the New Testament books to be completed at draft stage.

They recently heard a little news from Sorimi. An elderly believer just passed away. Also the wife of a young man with two children. (The young man Poul was training to work with two others on translation checks during his last trip.) Also, pray for the Sorimi church leader who is teaching the church through Acts.

Poul’s desire is to visit Sorimi in the autumn for about five weeks and possibly next April. Poul and Carol are excited to see the translation getting closer to completion! They are thankful to the Lord and praise Him for this and thank you for your vital support through prayer.