Printing in progress

Gene and Carol Trudeau serve in the Philippines and are thankful to the Lord that the printing of the first volume of the Manubu’ Old Testament is moving along. The drilling of holes and stitching of the 1000 books is in progress. They are impressed that before drilling there are people going through each book page by page to make sure all of the pages are in order and printed well. They expect it to be about three or four weeks more before the 1000 books are completed. The second volume, which starts with Judges, is in the early stage of being printed.

Approximately six weeks ago, Carol experienced a Eustachian tube blockage accompanied with pain and some loss of hearing.  She has tried various remedies without relief. It is probably an allergy due to the mould in their house. Visiting an ear specialist was no help. Please continue to pray for a cure.

Prayer for good flying weather in the midst of rainy season was answered recently as four Manubu’ people flew to the town where Gene and Carol are living for the comprehension checking of translation. They were able to fly both out and back home again!

Please continue to PRAY for Gene and the Manubu’ language helper as they translate Isaiah. Carol helps too as she goes over it looking for spelling errors and makes suggestions. It is a very difficult book to translate, but has wonderful lessons and prophecies.