Pressing on

As Dave and Fran Jordan work towards seeing a mature church grow among the Prai people, please pray that they will fix their eyes on Jesus. The growing process does not hurry along as they sometimes wish it would, yet God gives encouragements along the way. Thank you for praying, and, here are some answers:

The Prai Old Testament revising, adding, and recording are moving along on schedule. They know that at times problems will come as they are using computer programmes, and hope that all will be ready for typesetting on time. They are so thankful for God’s provision to see this accomplished. They would appreciate continued prayer to see the Prai Old Testament portions completed and recorded.

Training and mentoring continues with bi-monthly meetings with representatives from various villages. This gives opportunities for planning, prayer, training, and fellowship.

Twice a month, meetings with co-workers give opportunity for accountability, discussing strategy, and praying.

Weekly meetings for Bible teachers from the two local churches help with lesson preparation and current church issues.

Informal times are also valuable in building up the body of Christ.

In Gem Forest village four men are being mentored to teach and shepherd. Many in that village sleep at their distant fields all week, just coming back from Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon. This bring challenges for discipling.

Please pray that God will continue to equip those who can take responsibility in the Prai church. There certainly is a need for more Bible teachers, men who can shepherd and lead, and others to grow in using their gifts.

The results of a lot of sacrificial work are being seen in the literacy programme in one area. The first three ladies have finished the six primer literacy course and are now both reading and writing. Please pray that the new readers would continue to move ahead in their Bible reading. Others are also coming along, including some men who were more reluctant. A strong church needs members who can and do read God’s Word.

Dave and Fran’s family is spread out on three continents and they are thankful for every opportunity to see each other. Next month they will travel to N. Ireland to spend a couple of weeks with family there.

Dave and Fran thank the Lord for His blessings, and through prayer, you are a huge part of God’s blessings in their lives!  You have a part with them in sharing His Word with those who formerly had no opportunity to hear. This is what has enabled them to keep pressing on and not tolose heart.  Thank you!