Pressing on

Mike and Cher Riepma have been back in the village in Bolivia now for about a month. During the Brazil nut collection time where the people are scattered in the jungles for about two months there were very few church meetings in their villages. There were few who took any initiative to come together. The lack of mature spiritual leadership is a concern and a big need for the Ese Ejja churches. Mike and Cher continue to focus on this area asking God for faithful men and women to serve and be able to teach basic truths.

Two new Ese Ejja families just started at the Bible and leadership training institute, which is good news. Pray for their families as they spend many hours studying and adjusting to a new living situation. Pray the truths from God’s Word will sink deep into their hearts and they will cultivate a deep love for Him.

Coming back to a house where the rats, termites, wasps, and roaches took up residence in their absence took a little adjusting to and required some minor battles especially with the wasps! The knee-deep grass has been cut down around the house so it looks like someone is home. Their co-workers are back in the village serving with them.

March has been very wet with constant rainstorms causing power cuts and they have lost power at least ten times in a month. They are thankful the electric company is very good about clearing the fallen tree limbs and resetting the fuses on the lines into the village.

Mike and Cher miss their kids and grandchildren and continue to thank God for giving them such a wonderful time in the USA for their daughter’s wedding. Many great memories to cherish. Pray that Mike and Cher will keep their focus and press on in the work to which God has called them.