Pressing Needs

Right now, there are crucial needs in PNG. They need individuals with carpentry, plumbing and/or mechanical experience to be project managers at the centres. As these positions involve training and managing citizen employees, the ideal candidate would need managerial experience.

There was an earthquake in PNG recently. Daniel and Rachel Hulley who serve among the North Wahgi people have had many earthquakes in their years in PNG, but this one was the biggest one in PNG in a 100 years, measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale. The epicentre was in the Highlands about 200 miles to the west of them. Around 3.45am on a Monday morning, the whole house started shaking violently, and there were many aftershocks, but God kept them all safe and miraculously nothing got broken. Daniel and Rachel’s co-workers in the village were even closer to the epicentre and lost dishes and ornaments in the earthquake, but thankfully no one got hurt there either.

However, in the southern Highlands where the earthquake originated, many houses collapsed and the death toll is over sixty from landslides and falling buildings. Please pray for those who have lost loved ones to turn to the God of all comfort at this time, and for those missionaries in this area to reflect Christ as they help where they can.

Over Christmas break, one of the highlights for Daniel and Rachel was being on the ground to help with the conclusion of the Creation to Christ outreach that was going on in their village. Four of the Bible teachers taught three times a week to the fifteen or so folks who attended. It was sweet for Daniel and Rachel to see the Lord open the minds of some of them to the Gospel. Their co-worker Levi has just taken these new believers through a short discipleship course to help them grow in their faith and instruct them on how to live the kind of life God wants His children to live. The team are encouraging each of the more mature believers to take a new believer under their wing and meet up with them regularly to study God’s Word and pray together. Pray that the new believers continue to grow in their faith and be shining lights in the community.

Also, pray for three young Bible teachers. They are all very keen to teach the Gospel to as many as possible. Pray that these men will stand strong on God’s Word and not compromise their testimony.

Several weeks ago, Daniel and his daughter Georgia drove up to their village along with a PNG couple to go visit the Wahgi believers. The couple work together at the NTM Tribal Resource Centre in Goroka printing materials such as literacy primers, Bible lessons, maps, etc., for the various tribal works. They have only been saved for about two years, but they have grown tremendously in their walk with the Lord and have led a number of others in the local community to Christ. Daniel wanted the Wahgi believers to have the opportunity to hear their testimonies and hear first-hand from them how it is possible for PNG people to follow God wholeheartedly even with all the pressures of community living. The weekend with the believers was a busy time for them as many of the Wahgi folks shared their problems and burdens and asked for prayer. It means so much more to the Wahgi believers to hear personal testimonies from other PNG people who totally understand the cultural pressures and life in PNG. Pray for this couple that they would continue to grow in their faith, and that God would continue to get the glory as they choose to live for Him.

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