When Maarten and Mirjam and family arrived in the Netherlands they lived with Maarten’s parents for two weeks and after that they spent two weeks in a friend’s house. Then when time became tight before the start of home-schooling the boys, they started to become a little worried. But as their tutors in North Cotes always told them….God will provide! And He did. Just as they looked to rent a one bedroom apartment, a Christian couple contacted them and have allowed them to live in their huge house as they now live in a home for the elderly. God provided so generously and it is even located near a beautiful park with a children’s playground. They are so thankful.
Maarten found a part time job on the market selling fish. He had never done this before but really seems to like it.
Mirjam has started home-schooling with Maarten and Guus and so far it is going really well. Of course the “teacher” is sometimes a bit impatient and the “pupils” a bit disobedient, but overall they all enjoy being together and learning together. When the boys are settled into the ACE programme then they will start teaching Vera as well.
Mirjam is also involved in a children’s ministry in their church and she has introduced the creation to Christ teaching.
Other exiting news is that they have been asked to organise the Christianity Explored course in their home church. They hope to start the course at the end of this month. Pray that this course will have a positive effect in their church and that God will be glorified.
Right now Maarten and Mirjam are in the middle of their preparations for Southeast Asia. They would really appreciate your prayers for the whole process, for wisdom and for their walk with the Lord; that they might lean on Him more and more. Also pray that they would be a light for all the people they meet.

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