Preparing to teach

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa. Several weekends ago, they took some kids, who graduated from Amy’s literacy class, to the seaside. It was tiring for them but a highlight for the kids. On the way back, they loaded up supplies, and bought ceiling tiles for the school. Ceiling tiles can help keep the noise from spilling over to the classroom next door – a problem that Amy encountered from teaching in the school before.

Amy’s cousin and husband, who are visiting until December, settled quite quickly in the village. While they still need to adjust a bit to the Liberian English, they are getting more and more comfortable in getting out and around. They primarily came to train teachers and help teach kids at the elementary school in the village. Together with Aaron and some locals they mounted the ceiling tiles. That slowed Aaron down a little on his work on Bible lessons. Nevertheless, he is thankful that he could still get some time in to work on lessons with Patrick.

Amy has been busy getting literacy materials organised for when classes begin. They now have two literate ladies who help with the teaching. This is a great help, but they still need some supervision. Besides that, Amy continued to check Bible lessons for comprehension. She finds that some lessons communicate very well, while others still need a bit of help.

Recently, there were quite some hurdles to get visas for the Ivory Coast; however, in the end God worked it all out in time. They travelled to Ivory Coast, to spend a couple days with their co-worker Lesley. From there, Aaron and Amy travelled on to Senegal for a Bible translation workshop, while their friends travelled back to Liberia where the school started, in which they will help with teaching.

Thank God:

– For helping them to get visas for the Ivory Coast.

– That in their weakness they are strong, because they trust Him more.

– For Amy’s cousin and husband who took the challenge to visit them in Liberia, and to serve God with the abilities He has given them.

Please pray:

– For Amy’s cousin and husband, who will be alone in the village for almost three weeks, and that God will watch over them.

– That Aaron and Amy will seek dependence on God, draw closer to Him, and stop trying to be independent.

– For God to prepare the Glarro people for His message that they hope to start teaching publicly in January.

Thank you for your prayers.