Preparing to go

Faced with the challenges ahead Dave and Emma can consider God’s character and how He is relevant to the situation. ‘We have an all-powerful God who is present everywhere. He promises to uphold us!’ It’s not that they won’t face difficult situations but He is able to help them keep going through them.
Dave has been on a number of courses and study days in recent weeks covering a wide range of topics: Prehospital emergency medicine, radiology, sepsis, conflict resolution and expedition medicine.

Emma has been learning more about teaching music to children through taking some short courses in London and York.

Dave attended the Biblical counselling UK conference to learn more about a Christian view of mental health. And how to ‘counsel’ each other from God’s Word in everyday conversations.

Dave and Emma have had many opportunities to share with small groups and churches about mission and their hopes and plans for working in Papua New Guinea. They have been able to spend significant time with their sending church too. They’ve been encouraged and blessed in unexpected ways and are grateful for a growing base of prayer and practical support.

They are also thankful for new partnerships in the Gospel from unexpected places, the training and support they have received so far and good pastoral care and administrative help.

Dave recently had an opportunity to help with a seminar on medical mission at the CMF conference. There will be another opportunity for Dave to receive further training from the Christian Medical Fellowship’s “Developing Health” course in July.

Dave and Emma’s commissioning service is planned for Sunday 9th July.

Please pray for the team that Dave and Emma will join in Papua New Guinea. For deep friendships and the ability to work well together. For a good start as they get to know each other. For practicalities of visa and work permit applications.

Pray for Dave, Emma and Joshua as they say goodbye and make final preparations; for comfort in separation and joy in the Lord Jesus.

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