Preparing for departure

Regina was able to spend six weeks in Senegal, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Initially taking several trips to different villages to visit people that she knew during her E2 training. It was a good time, but not without challenges and doubts. However, she was also able to experience God’s encouragement. She was able to buy some food for a widow and hopes to soon have a water pipe laid to her house (they already had all the parts some years back) so that she doesn’t have to carry the heavy water buckets. Pray that this project can be realised.

After eighteen months absence, Regina obtained papers for her long-term stay in Senegal. Along with her co-worker she experienced a miracle concerning an apartment. God helped them to find an apartment just in time. Now they are looking for furniture and everything else needed in a new household, which is quite stressful without IKEA around the corner. As usual not everything works in an old apartment; the plumber has been there a few times.

Back in Dakar (capital of Senegal), the two-week children’s programme for the mission staff children went very well. God blessed Regina with a great team, with health and strength and a good time with the twenty-two children aged between five and fifteen years. The theme was “Race of life” and looked at the lives of King David and Eric Liddell.

Next week Regina will be at the headquarters in Germany for the ‘candidate days’ and will speak on ‘How the church can support singles on the field’. At the beginning of March, she will be in North Cotes. Her departure date for Senegal is in May; she would appreciate your prayers for this time of preparing everything and saying good-bye and so on.