After finishing the training at North Cotes college and serving there for a year, Gabi has settled in well at home in Paraguay. There have been opportunities for her to get involved in the church such as being part of the music team and helping out with a girls Bible study. She also helps in the church office on a weekly basis. Gabi is also enjoying re-connecting with family and friends.

Over the last year, Gabi has been seeking wisdom and clarity as to where the Lord would have her serve Him in the future. After praying and thinking about this decision and speaking with different people, she recently made a step toward a specific mission field – the field of West Africa. Gabi has heard a lot about this area and the ministry, but has never been there. However, she trusts that the Lord is able to prepare and provide for her if that is where He wants her to serve.

Gabi has now completed the application process and has been accepted by the West Africa field. She is now starting to prepare for departure to the field next year (the date is yet to be confirmed).

Praise the Lord:

– That Gabi has settled in well at home.

– For her family, friends, church, and mission’s leadership who have helped and supported her in the application process.


Please pray:

– For wisdom in this time of preparation, and that Gabi would rest in the Lord no matter what happens.

– That the Lord would provide more people to support her long-term, especially in prayer.