Boris and Valentina Bergen with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea are slowly but surely thinking about their departure again. Due to the Corona virus, they have had to make an extra application for a special permit to enter the Philippines; pray for its approval.

Getting their children’s school materials to a country that is still subject to strict lock-down rules is also something that needs to be worked out.

Boris and Valentina have realised over the past year that to serve new missionaries arriving in the Philippines, they need a vehicle big enough for their family and others. Pray that on their return they will be able to purchase a suitable vehicle.

They are especially happy to be in Germany in the run-up to Christmas. Advent, the decorated streets, the cold, etc. is something very special for them. Well, the cold is part of the Christmas season, but in that respect, they are all really looking forward to their flip-flops and shorts 🙂

Living a life between two countries, with their hearts in both places they are so inexpressibly grateful to God that they are able to serve HIM in both. It is a great blessing that they can be at home in two cultures. They see it as a great privilege to see and know ‘first hand’ people who used to be animists and now love and worship their God and Saviour. Yet it is a life that has meant leaving a lot behind and parting from loved ones.

Please pray for the Bergens (especially for the children), as they are now slowly preparing emotionally for the Philippines, for the joy and friends there, but also for saying goodbye in Germany.