Preparations for Paraguay

Recently Olga was involved in leading a workshop at a girl’s conference. Pray that the teens and young people in her church will walk daily with the Lord.

Olga is also visiting different meetings and sharing about the work of NTM, about what God is doing in her life and about what He is going to do in the lives of those she is going to share the Gospel with in the future. She praises God for all the opportunities she has already had to share but asks for continued prayer because she is still not comfortable speaking in front of people and is always very nervous. Her valedictory service is on March 15th, 2015, and she is planning on going to Paraguay at the beginning of April.

Pray for all the preparation that has to be done for Paraguay and that Olga will always remind herself that it is all about God and also that he will provide the support she needs

Also pray for Olga and her family as it won’t be easy for them to soon have to say goodbye.

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