The Lord has blessed Steve and Gerdine with amazing supporters but right now they are moving into a more concentrated time of trying to raise awareness both of their plans and the needs of tribal people in places like PNG. They praise God for contact with Gerdine’s church in Eindhoven and another church a little further away but their network in the Netherlands is still small right now.
Steve and Gerdine can’t do the work of reaching the lost in Papua New Guinea alone so they need to develop a support network. Pray for opportunities to speak at churches around Eindhoven.
NTM-UK is holding the Reach 2015 missions conference for 16-30 year olds on March 20-22, 2015. Steve and Gerdine been asked to lead the Dutch group to this conference. They’ll be taking the ferry to Hull and travelling from there to North Cotes, where they will enjoy a great weekend of missionary reports and seeing old friends. They are thankful for all the (last minute) sign-ups. A final bit of organising and preparing the group for the trip remains for Steve and Gerdine. Pray that everything goes smoothly and that God will speak to the youth during the conference.
After five months, Steve has finally started to feel at home and reports that being in the Netherlands feels normal. The last few weeks his schedule has filled in- so he has lots to do and a regular pattern. The church feels familiar; he has friends that he sees regularly and a steady job. Steve and Gerdine are thankful for Steve’s progress in learning Dutch and the opportunities they have to teach the Bible.

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