Preparation for departure

Adrian and Evelyn Jotter are preparing their children Melissa and Lukas for their move to the Philippines using material from Ethnos360 Germany on a weekly basis. It helps them think ahead about what to expect when their family moves to a very different place. They talk with them about topics like saying good-byes to loved ones and places, the trip by plane, a new language, a different climate, different time zone, different food, different people and religions etc. Additionally, they are learning some Bible verses together by heart that will hopefully be a help to them in stressful times.

In March and April, Adrian and Evelyn really enjoyed joining the music team for a ‘Kids Bible Week’ about Paul that their church organised. This year everything had to run a little different – each part was recorded on video beforehand and during the week following Easter one session was broadcasted to the children each day. It was a joy to see some kids in the church service that was held on the Sunday after the week of online kid’s programme. It was much more fun to do actions along with singing the children’s songs with the kids present. Melissa enjoyed watching all the videos, especially doing the different crafts.

Currently Melissa and Lukas attend nursery. They are really enjoying it and have made good friends, which is a real blessing. Melissa’s most recent highlight was her 5th birthday at the end of April. As a family, they are preparing to welcome a new baby. Getting baby clothes out and rearranging furniture to fit in a baby cot definitely contribute to everyone’s excitement and pleasant anticipation. Evelyn is doing very well so far. The due date is July 2nd. Pray for her in these last weeks.

As they look at their calendar for June, there are still quite a lot of important meetings and ministries planned (especially for Adrian), so they would appreciate prayer for God’s good timing of the birth.

Adrian and Evelyn are very thankful for their ’Missions Support Team’ and are praying and still trust that – Lord willing – they will be able to fly to the Philippines at the end of September. God is in total control of all world affairs! However, if their departure is delayed, they will try to be ready to leave any time the doors open up. Pray for visas, flights, vaccinations etc., and wisdom as they decide what to keep, pack or give away.

Pray for more labourers for the fields.

Thank you for praying.