Prayers appreciated

Becky Noble is thankful that the Numonohi Christian Academy, Papua New Guinea, had a blessed and relatively normal, seven weeks of teaching before things started changing rapidly due to Covid. She has enjoyed teaching the younger ones music. However, she has found it rather draining and has missed spending more time working with the older ones. It is taking a lot of planning time to learn new songs and prepare enough material to keep the attention of the young ones. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

By the start of the eighth week of term, Becky still felt like she was trying to get into a good new routine! Teaching Tok Pisin (the national trade language) to the older students has been going well. As always, learning to sing Bible verses with all her classes has been a real blessing. She was also able to start a choir with 17 secondary-school students and her co-workers started a choir for 27 primary-school students. At one stage, they were hopeful about adults from the community being able to join the older students’ choir again and started discussing plans for a Christmas Concert, but this looks unlikely to happen now

In week eight of the first term, the school had to shut due to the high level of absence caused by Covid and a stomach bug. Becky is very thankful to have stayed well through this time. The teachers provided students with work to do at home until the end of the term and are now on their usual two-week break. They plan to start school again in-person on the 26th October.

Please pray that the Lord would guide and help Becky in making plans for next term.

There is plenty of schoolwork to keep Becky busy during the break. She has two pianos to take apart and fix; big jobs that she is not trained or experienced in but someone has to try! There are many opportunities to serve those isolating around the centre. She will not be short of things to keep her occupied but would appreciate your prayers that she would use her time wisely and have an attitude of gratitude, rather than one of frustration, as things pan out differently than planned.

Becky is thankful for the many different ways people have been supporting her through her time in PNG. She is incredibly grateful to the Lord for His provision of faithful prayer and financial supporters. Many have also encouraged her over the years by sending letters or packages. Sadly, this has not been possible since the pandemic; however, she received normal post last month for the first time since March 2020.