Prayer Works

Tanya has several responsibilities at North Cotes College, but one of her main jobs is to coordinate Hold the Ropes. This is a required class where twice a week the students have the opportunity to pray for missionaries serving with New Tribes Mission all over the world. This programme was devised in 1949 by a missionary minded lady, Mary Gustafson. She said that the lifeline of prayer reaching across the water must be held firmly by caring ones on the home shores. In 1793 during a meeting with a mission society in London, the leaders asked, “Who will go down to the heathen and take them the Gospel?” To which William Carey replied, “I will go… but you must hold the rope for me!” He went to India later that year as a missionary.
Tanya finds it a privilege to read countless prayer letters each week and to be involved with the students in prayer for these dear brothers and sisters. There is always something to pray about. The list can never be exhausted. And they have seen answers to prayer! James 5:16b says: “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”. There’s tremendous power in prayer.
The Student Prayer Mornings are held once a month. Tanya selects eight students at a time and informs them as to which countries they will be doing a presentation on. She gives them names of missionaries to write to and helps them with any other information they might need. The first prayer morning that she led was on Venezuela, so that was nice to begin with the familiar! They break up into groups and pray for the needs on the mission field. What a privilege prayer is!
In Memory class, three times a week the students write down verses they have committed to memory. At present they are studying Philippians 3. There is a review time at the end of each class. The students put in a lot of effort especially as for most of them English is not their mother tongue. This class challenges Tanya to hide more of His Word in her heart.
Pray for complete contentment for Tanya as she ministers in North Cotes. Thanks fellow rope holders!

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