Pray for labourers

Randy and Laurie Steel plan to return to Paraguay in the middle of July after a time of home assignment in the USA. Pray for them as they head back and jump back into their varied ministries there. They are going to hit the ground running.

On the health front, Randy finished multiple tests and thankfully, there does not appear to be any cysts, tumours, etc. in his throat or oesophagus. The doctors have recommended he continue with some vocal exercises etc., to help deal with periodic hoarseness and discomfort in swallowing. They are hoping both will continue to improve. At this point, there is nothing preventing their return to Paraguay.

A group of five graduates from the ETNOS missionary training centre in Bolivia are currently finishing up a two-month practicum time in Paraguay among the Sanapaná people. They have been focusing on putting into practice the basics of language and culture learning and in building relationships with the tribal people, along with some time to visit and get to know other missionaries and tribal and support works in Paraguay. Pray that this time would be a growing and learning opportunity as they put into practice what they have been learning through their missionary training, and as they seek God’s direction and calling for their future ministry, in Paraguay, Bolivia, or somewhere else.

Continue to pray for more labourers! So many still need to hear the Gospel and be discipled.

Progress has been made on the revision of the Nivaclé Bible, with final checks on the entire book of Joshua, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Colossians, and Psalms 1 completed along with the Gospel of Matthew and Joshua 1 & 2. Now they just need to be printed!

Randy and Laurie are looking at transitioning back to the USA around July of 2024, and they will have lots to do in preparation for that in both Paraguay, and wherever they will settle in the USA.

In Paraguay, they will need to do whatever is necessary to wisely hand over our varied ministries to others, say goodbye to people whose lives they have been involved in for years, deal with their possessions from the last 36 years, etc. They want to finish well. In the USA they will need wisdom as to where the Lord would have them settle; find a place to live, car, job, church, etc.

Many changes in the days and months ahead, but they know the Lord is with them in all of it, and He will guide and direct.